Paris in Pictures


We are back from Paris and all I can say is that it was tiring but awesome!  Paris is stylish, stunning, rich in culture, both laid back and buzzing, cosmopolitan, beautiful. Here’s our stay in pictures.

Leaving for Heathrow in the rain (typical).

Tom’s plane photo, which I promised I’d include (being on the Airbus A380 was a major highlight for him).

L’Hôtel national des Invalides (The National Residence of the Invalids)… political correctness is clearly lacking in this instance.

Tom and I by the impressive-once-standing-underneath Eiffel Tower

This one’s for our friend, Christopher, who tried but failed to take one of those perspective pictures when he visited Paris (y’know where the Tower’s supposed to be within your hands).

We took a river boat along the Seine which is a great way to see the cultural highlights of Paris.

The Notre Dame.  Next time we’re going in.

This was a string group playing classical music in the metro for passers-by.  Somewhat fitting in Paris.

Tom wanted me to include this photo of me looking tired on the flight since I included the photo of us two above despite his protests.

And that was  Paris in a nutshell!  I survived without getting glutened thanks to dietary cards,

and the wide availability of fresh produce.

Sorry there are no exciting food photos.  Food wasn’t really one of the highlights; it was more of a eat-for-survival-rather-than-pleasure things.

This may be my last post for the next two weeks as Tom and I are on our travels again!  On Friday we are flying to New York (screams with excitement) where we will be staying for a couple of nights before driving to Williamsburg, Viriginia and via Washington DC.  I can’t wait!  And Whole Foods watch out!  I am going to have a field day.  I will finally get to try some of the delicious looking food that you wonderful US people blog about.  Any recommendations for our stay?

Hope you’re all well and had a good start to your weeks 🙂


34 thoughts on “Paris in Pictures

  1. Candle Cafe! It’s sooo delicious! I prefer it to Candle 79 which is nice because it’s cheaper! Also, you should try and go to the Union Square Farmer’s Market, which is open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. They have the most amazing tomatoes! Have fun!


  2. fun trip! and have i told you you have beautiful eyes?!

    i’m dying to visit pure food and wine in nyc. heathy tells me i must go and eat a moonie pie.=)


  3. Getting glutened–hahha. Good for you. I know what you mean about eating to survive rather than for pleasure. Sometimes you just gotta do that. Food is not everything in this world! I love Paris, you are making me want to go back.


  4. Love all the pictures, and yay for coming to the US! You are going to have so much fun on all your travels!!! Wishing you happy travels and sending lots of hugs!


  5. what a sweet trip…thanks for sharing your experience…love the pic of you and the tower…it really looks small doesn’t it? so glad you didn’t get gluttoned…and what are those dietary cards? did you have to show them?

    have a beautiful time in new york girlie!!! enjoy your time off!!!

    sending you heaps and loads of love and hugs!!!


  6. Oi wow, New York! And I am stoked by the “dieary card” – no-one was miffed about that, only good experiences? I definitely need one, that would make things so much easier! Do you show it to the waiter, give it to the cook? I’m curious 🙂

    So glad your trip was a success and love the pics!

    Hahaha, Whole Foods…that would spell a one hour minimum of food browsing for me, I think 🙂


  7. I love Paris – your photos have made me want to go back so much, such a wonderful place!

    When I went to New York I visited the Peanut Butter Co shop – it was great. If I was going back I’d also be all over wholefoods! I think half my suitcase would be coming back filled with U.S nut butters x


  8. I’m vegan and gluten free too, exactly how hard was it? Because I really want to go?


  9. Ah, I would love to one day get to Paris. Hope you have a great trip to the States. I have no recommendations for those areas though. Hopefully you’ll get some good ones from other readers. And I don’t know if you go back and read comment replies, but I wanted to thank you for your kind words! Hugs to you too.


  10. Paris looks AMAZING!!! My little brother was just there, he wants to move there now!! He blogged about his trip…said there is SO much to do and see!!! I want to go there someday SO BAD!!

    Thanks for finding my site!! It must be so difficult having all these food sensitivities awhile trying to keep a vegan diet! I look forward to seeing how it all plays out, it’s so interesting to me!!


  11. omg the paris trip and now the USA trip!! You are just a globe trotter…congrats!

    just read a comment you left on gena’s post about eggs and such. there is so much to think about with our food choices isnt there. it’s not just “eat this food mindlessly”, at least for us thinking women 🙂 and you my dear are one big thinking woman!

    the comments you always leave me warm my heart. i usually read them RIGHT before i go to bed.

    have an awesome trip and have fun at WFs!!!


  12. What a fun trip, I love Paris, I love Paris, I love Paris. Oh in case you missed, I love Paris 🙂

    OMG..NY is going to be so much fun, the weather last weekend was perfect, I am looking forward to reliving NY through you again! We stayed at the Club Quarters in Financial district. I would highly recommend it, it is close to the ferries, bus stops and the metro stations.

    Yay WFs is going to be fun!


  13. Awesome pictures! I’m so glad you had a great trip and didn’t get sick!

    I love your picture commentary too – you guys sound just like Jon and I discussing which pictures should be posted and which shouldn’t. He always gets mad at me for posting certain pictures of him, lol.

    I’m really curious about this dietary card you speak of – never seen them before. And if Jon and I ever go to Paris again I would love to take a cruise down the river. We did enough walking beside it – I want to get in it!

    Unfortunately I can’t be of much help for recs seeing as how I’ve only been to NYC once, but you’ll have to fill me in on DC once you get back because I’m going for the first time in October. I am so wishing I lived on the east coast. You’re coming so close, yet still so far away! I hope you guys have an amazing time and get to see and explore and rest! I’ll be waiting on pins and needles to hear about it:) Be safe!


  14. Sounds like you had a great time in Paris, amazing photos! Hope you have a fun time in New York! 😀


  15. Have a fab time in the States look forward to hearing about it. I’ve just been to NYC and there’s a few food posts on my blog. Def recommend for raw vegan + GF Pure Food and Wine and Quintessance and I think I could seriously live in Babycakes if they would let me! If you go to Babycakes the Tennement Museum is just round the corner on Orchard St and it is a brilliant way to get a feel of old New York, I highly recommend it.


  16. those dietary cards are so convenient!! i saw them awhile back when some friends of the family were travelling in europe. they have a gluten allergy and used the cards to basically survive when they ate out. such a great idea those things!!


  17. I adore Paris and would love to go back and spend more time there as my trip was a whirlwind back in 2004. I have nowhere to recommend you go in the US but I can’t wait for you to come back and tell us about it all!


  18. Great post! I’ve never been to paris. Those dietarycards sound like a really awesome idea! Yay for not getting poisoned 😉


  19. I live in the DC area (Alexandria VA, which is a suburb of DC) I noticed the first commenter said go to Z Pizza-and she’s right-their GF pizza is great. I’d love to hear from you when you’re here!


  20. Oh…I just noticed I’m a week behind, which means you’re already here…darn. I hope you’re having a great time!!


  21. You are so cute! I’m glad you had such a good time. Paris is one of my favorite cities, but I guess that is how everyone feels. I eat pretty much nonstop when I’m there…in fact, my Francophile friend Maris and I are planning a trip there for this coming Spring. I hope it works!

    Haha, I love your failed perspective photo!


  22. I stumbled upon your blog this morning and this post saved my butt, and I cannot even explain how grateful I am for your existence! I am a fellow vegan (however American) studying abroad in Paris next spring and I am so frightened of my whole vegan-thing and eating, but as soon as I saw those dietary cards I knew I would be alright. Thank you, thank you thank you!


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