Hello there!

Yesterday I got most of this post ready to publish before bed and then forgot!  What can I say, I’m not used to this posting every day habit.  At least one good thing about blogging my daily food is that there is always something to blog about it.

So yesterday started with a lowly apple and some almond butter pre-gym,

My hip’s feeling so much better so I figured it’d be ok to workout as long as it’s a joint-easy session.  And indeed it was as when I arrived at the gym ALL the cardio machines were out of use, apart from the rower.  I’m not a massive rowing fan and was really looking forward to some time on the cross-trainer and bike.  Not to worry, expectations were duly adjusted and instead 20 minutes was spent rowing.  Time went quite quickly, thankfully!  I also went on a couple of weight restistance machines and did some ab work (I made a stupid bet with a friend that means for the first time in years i’m working on my abs).  On my return it was veggie juice time…

I haven’t had one of these for at least a week so it was majorly overdue.

Fast forward to lunch time when I was ravenous…

I’m not sure what bread this was- it was a back of the freezer find.  One is topped with hummus, the other marmite =love (two-thirds of a slice was consumed with hummus prior to the photo and a load of carrots and hummus).

After lunch was the sweet stuff.  Hannah, this one’s for you 🙂

Naturally more chocolate than this was consumed… For you guys who blog about your daily food, do you really take photos of and record every bit of food that passes your lips??? I’m not sure I can do that since I’m always munching whilst making breakfast, lunch or dinner…  So far, I’m only featuring the highlights on these pages.

Post-lunch was studying that turned into a nap!  I hate napping in the afternoon because I always wake up stressed.  Stressed that I’ve slept, and annoyed that I haven’t been able to achieve what I planned to (I’m into planning).  This makes me realise how important it is to adjust our expectations and be flexible in order to minimise the stress we experience in our lives.  I think that’s my tip of the day!  I woke up just in time for Tom to return from work and go for a run (him not me) before this evening’s shenanigans i.e. a BBQ with Tom’s boss, colleagues and partners.  Since I’ve been burned recently by the old gluten I packed myself the following:

Roasted veg, which went from this,

To this,

It always amazes me how such a large quantity of veg can reduce to half the size after roasting.  And large tupperware boxes are such a mainstay in my life.

Here are my salad toppers.  I know I’m eating pretty much the same as last night but when you’re taking packed lunch for dinner, creativity isn’t a priority.

Tom and I went for a lovely stroll in the evening sunshine, and stopped off at a pub en route to the BBQ for a glass of vino and crisps (forgot the camera so there are no more pics from this point onwards).  When we arrived at the BBQ more hummus, carrots, crisps and wine were consumed as well as olives and my packed dinner.  You’d think I’d be tired of hummus by today but I most certainly am not (I know there are others out there who feel the same love for hummusElise, for example).  I am a bit crisp-ed out though.

There we go for a second day of eats!  I shall see you later with more food and fun…


12 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. WOW. That just might be the most perfect day of food I’ve ever seen. Seriously, every single meal/snack/juice had my tummy growling. It all looks SO delicious! I think our tastebuds must think alike because this is exactly how I love to eat.

    And I feel the same way about naps! I LOATHE them, I always wake up feeling nervous and antsy and miserable, because I feel like I’ve lost a day or something. I avoid them at all costs.

    And no, I don’t ever take pics of everything that I eat, even on my everyday nums posts. If I did there would be hundreds of pics because I grab a bite of this or a pinch of that every time I pass through the kitchen!


  2. So glad to know that I’m not the only one who eats while cooking dinner! Though last night’s peanut butter cup might have been taking it a bit far…


  3. my camera battery would die real quick if i tried to take pics of everything i ate in one day! LOL! i’m a grazer……handfuls of this, bites of that, nibbles of something else.
    yes, flexibility is so important. i have a friend who’s a missionary in thailand and she calls talks alot about how she has learned to be flexible and so she calls herself “Elastigirl” (like the mom in the cartoon movie The Incredibles.
    have a great day!


  4. I never photograph every single thing I eat, just generally the interesting meals. Your lunch looks nice (love marmite!) as does the chocolate. Have a great day! 🙂


  5. i ALWAYS pack my food…ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS…i don’t care where i am going or what i am doing, not too long ago john and i had a graduation party to go to, and i packed some tabouli, tofu and kale salad in a little tiffin and brought it along…of course some people have a laugh at my expense…but i don’t care it’s better than not eating anything and watching everyone have a great time…and when we go to the cottage, i also pack my own grub…or come prepared with a huge baggie of options…and i feel so much better knowing that i won’t have to rely on others…

    i love all of the food you eat…because it’s so similar to the food i eat…

    and i love naps in the afternoon, especially when it’s ok for me to rest my eyes…and it has been so hot around here lately that going outside is not fun at all…so napping is ok!!!! haha!!!

    glad your hip is feeling better!

    have a beautiful day my girl!


  6. I could eat hummus on just about everything…love the stuff.
    I could never photograph all of my eats. And I don’t like posting everything I eat either bc most of it is boring (I eat the same thing every morning for breakfast) I like to post the highlights: something new, something exciting, or something so good that i just had to talk about it (like my popcorn post from the other day)
    And I love naps! I wish I could take one every day!


  7. Wonderful eats for the day. And I’m glad your hip is doing better. I don’t blog about everything I eat because my breakfasts are pretty much always smoothies and snacks and desserts fruit, it would get a little boring. I try to get creative for lunches and dinners and blog about those.


  8. Yummy looking day. Marmite, huh?

    When I do a whole day of eats I do tend to try to post everything I eat but I figure the really tiny tastes are no biggie. We get the idea.


  9. wow the juice recipe looks perfect!! i never juice b/c cleanup sucks and takes me wayyyyyyyy too long for 1 cup of juice to justify cleaning that beast out! Lol.

    why do you think i have never been a “Daily Eats” food blogger. Dear lord i could NEVER do that. And why would i want to? I dont! People ask me to do it all the time but i just say no thanks, not interested..ha!

    Enjoy your day hon!


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