It's a short one (and no, I am not referring to myself)

Hello beginning of the working week!

I am, however, just too excited to be productive today.  Many may not understand my excitement but it’s because I found out that my next hospital placement, at the beginning of September, is going to be in Accident & Emergency!  Amazing!  I think it will be more my style of nursing- the pressure, the pace, the range and type of patients I’ll come into contact with.  I cannot wait.  Somehow I have to focus on essays and revision before then.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of my favourite foods of the moment with you.

Organic, unsulphured, dried apricots.   I seriously love these.  If it wasn’t for the f-factor from all that fibre I could munch my way through the bag in one sitting.  And they’re rich in iron, vitamins A and C.  What’s not to love.  They have a deep, almost chocolate-like flavour.  Yum.

Speaking of chocolate, I have also been enjoying:

Chocolate Almond Milk! All you need is your favourite, calcium and vitamin E rich, homemade almond milk and a tablespoon or two of cocoa.  Combine them together and whisk away until ready for consumption.  Refreshing and decadent.

And there you have today’s somewhat short blog post.  Hope you all had a good weekend.


10 thoughts on “It's a short one (and no, I am not referring to myself)

  1. I love dried apricots! 🙂 The chocolate almond milk sounds amazing as well! Hope you have a good day.


  2. i absolutely love dried apricots…i’ve actually been eating a lot of organic unsulphured pineapple and tropical mixed fruits…OMG! heaven.

    and thanks for your chocolate almond milk recipe!!! never even thought about it…


  3. the word “dried” should be in there too…dried organic unsulphured pineapple and tropical mixed fruits…


  4. cute space you have here! i’m glad i finally stopped by.=)

    mmm…chocolate milk…my favorite! and i love that funky glass!


  5. I agree with kelli here, your glass is really funky. I just had almond milk this evening, just love it!


  6. I love the emerg! That chocolate milk looks so good – I’ve actually never tried that flavour of AB, I may have to!


  7. YAY for you getting such an exciting placement! Wow, that will be quite the experience for sure.

    And YUM, I’ve never tried dried apricots but the way you describe them makes me want to run right out and find some asap. And who doesn’t love chocolate milk!?!? I can’t believe I’ve never thought of making it with almond milk. Genius!


  8. How exciting!! I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait to hear about it once you get started. I think it’s amazing that you are excited and passionate about you (soon to be:) career.

    I love dried apricots!!


  9. lol you made me laugh with the short joke.

    wow thats such a funky glass! at first i thought i needed my eyes checked or something lol.

    accident and emergency? wow! thats gonna be quite the experience! GOOD JOB! ❤


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