A Friday Review

Hello there, and happy Friday to you all!

I would just like to say hello to all my blog commenters and friends, Hi! I don’t think I’ve ever had so many comments on one post, thank you! 🙂

Today I have a review for you.  A couple of months ago (or possibly longer), the lovely people from Pack Tunch sent me a little box of their 3 varieties of all-natural, all-vegan, and gluten-free snack bars.  After my Spin session this morning (which was awesome, btw) I decided it was time I try one of these babies.  Feeling summery (even though the weather has been stormy, with gale force winds and heavy rain for the last few days) I opted for the Pineapple & Coconut Pack Tunch.

Wow, this was amazing and in line with my current love of tropical flavours.  (Sorry about the poor quality of the following photos)

The texture was dense but the flavours were light and subtly complimented each other.  The pinespple and coconut flavours weren’t over-powering; just right.  Good start!  I’m looking forward to trying the other 2 flavours and sharing my reviews with you.  When it comes to purchasing them I haven’t noticed them in the supermarkets, only in a handful of health food stores.  However, you can buy them online.

See you soon! xxx


10 thoughts on “A Friday Review

  1. yum. would love to try if i ever come across them. they look like yummy cookies…even though they’re bars!!!


    have a beautiful weekend!


  2. Glad you had a great spin class. I have not taken a spin class in about a year, use to love it, but no longer have a gym membership.

    Great review! Love tropical flavors ; )


  3. I’ve seen these a few times, but never tried one. They look yummy though, I’ll definitely pick some up next time I come across them!


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