Happy Dance

Good evening and happy hump day to you all!

How’s your week going so far?  I have to say, mine is flying by!  I’ve been helping out at the local cat sanctuary, going to yoga and the gym, and getting into the holiday groove.   I still have lots of work to do, and I saw my personal tutor yesterday who’s frustrated at me for not writing any academic articles for publishing yet.  Oops.  I will change this, for sure.

I’ve been enjoying leisurely breakfasts such as this,

Pictured above you will notice the mandatory cup of coffee, anti-oxidant rich berries, and indulgent but regular raw fudge babies.

Other culinary pleasures have included my vege chilli (recipe to be posted soon!) and lots of salad…

In other news, today I recieved my first ever blog award (hence the happy dance) from the beautiful Candice, at ChiaSeedMe.  She’s so lovely and her blog is awesome, as is she.  Yay for bloggie friends!  So, the award:

All I have to do is list ten facts about myself and pass it on to a few other bloggers.  Here goes!

1.  I’m very indecisive (according to the husband, but sometimes there are just too many options!).

2.  I have guilty crushes on two famous men:  Bradley Whitford (from The West Wing) and Alec Baldwin.  Actually, now that I come to think of it, I probably have a few more guilty crushes too!

3.  Even though I’m welsh, I don’t have a welsh accent.  I haven’t lived in Wales for 9 years but I’m sure if I returned to live there a hint of the accent may return.

4.  I keep on trying to increase my raw food intake but my digestive system keeps throwing a fit every time I try.

5.  I have dessert after every meal; it’s a necessity.

6.  I’m a midget.  Not strictly true, but I am a mere 5.07 ft (that 0.7 is VERY important).

7.  I don’t tip at the hairdressers.  I probably should but I don’t really understand why it’s necessary.

8.  I have two addictions- diet coke and sweets.  I’m trying to break them this summer (mostly for my dental health).

9.  I can’t cope with a messy kitchen- I’m OCD about keeping it clean.

10.  Tom and I have been married for 6 years, and being with him just gets better and better.

Now to pass on The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award!  I would like to pass it onto all my fave bloggers/friends out there but since I can’t, here are a few of them:

Nelly from From Nelly…With Love…

Aoiffe from Adventures in Veg

Robyn from Girl on Raw

Averie from Love Veggies and Yoga

Before I go, Kristen from Kristen’s Raw is generously giving away a set of her recipe ebooks!  Amazing.  Click on her name to enter.



18 thoughts on “Happy Dance

  1. awwww…thanks girlie…this too is my first award…thanks…i’ll post about it tonight or tomorrow…

    love your brekkie…and your chili loooooooooooooks amazing!!! i was actually thinking of trying ani’s raw version…yummmmmmm! now i want it even more…



  2. Awww thanks so much for picking me!! You’re a sweetheart 🙂 I’ve never been tagged in a blog post before, this is all new to me!
    Dessert is definitely a must after every meal! 😉 xx


  3. lol, 5.07….I’m about 5.56, and I think that .06 is very important, too! I think some people just can’t really handle raw foods…it’s not for everyone. So go easy, and enjoy your delicious chili! 🙂


  4. You are not a midget! You are a doll. Actually all men I know prefer smaller women.

    I think is very hard for the stomach to handle only raw food. I make some raw recipes but in combination with cooked food during the day.

    I love sweets too but I ve never tried Coke in my life. Strange eh? 🙂


  5. I’m so jealous of your nice, lengthy vacation! Looks like you are living it up with the brownies and berries… what a great breakfast.

    I eagerly await the posting of the chili recipe 🙂



  6. I am loving this post. It’s so fun to learn more about you! I never pictured you to be short for some reason. You are so cute!

    I feel like we have so much in common! I’m also very indecisive, I have dessert after (almost) every meal, I also don’t see the point of tipping the hairdresser (sometimes I still do it out of guilt), I’m trying to completely cut out diet coke and I’m OCD about my kitchen. Random!

    Okay, two more things: first, you are so sweet and your words made me smile. second, that chili/salad looks so good – right up my alley.

    Okay, three things – I’m so happy you’re finally on holiday and enjoying it so!


  7. So many short ladies! How great ;-). I am 5’6.

    Oh, I am grateful we don’t tip over here…I have to close my eyes and run the card through the machine every time I’m paying at the hairdressers, if I had to tip on top of that I’d never get there, haha.

    🙂 have a nice last half of the week.


  8. love the facts! desserts, accent, raw foods, tom…all great insights into you!!! congrats to the other sweet ladies you passed it to…and love the raw dessert ball that’s sitting on your desk!


  9. That is my idea of a perfect breakfast 🙂
    I don’t have a Welsh accent either, despite living year for pretty much my entire life and the fact that most of my education has been through Welsh…I’ve never quite worked out how this has happened!


  10. hello!
    i might seem like a stalker but i came across your blog from the eating for ibs website. i have so many questions for you since the post i read from you are from 2006 i belive and you were saying you had stomach issues. i would love to know how you improved on the diet and how it helped you to go raw. i would be really happy if you could email me or leave a comment on my blog and help me out a little. i am really having such a hard time right now dealing with this stupid IBS.
    thank you so much for your time


  11. I’ve been doing raw foods all week and it’s been hard on my digestion, too! I don’t really believe raw food diets are healthier, anyway. We don’t absorb nutrients as well. You should read Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human by Richard Wrangham. 🙂



  12. Hey girl, thanks for the sweet email!! Loved learning these facts about you…we are not tall people either ; (

    We had a mandatory cup of coffee yesterday too!! Love the cup!


  13. Hey! I saw your comments on Tri Eating Plants and thought I’d stop by and say hello. Love the salad you got going on here next to the chili. Usually salads are so leafy – but this one is full of square chunks! It’s very eye-catching! Love your #5 too. Dessert is a necessity!


  14. Hi there – just wanted to thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. I’m looking forward to checking out your site now! Oh, I’m 5’2″ and I agree that .07 makes a HUGE difference. 😉


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