Do you ever find that you have loads of ideas for blog posts and when you finally get a moment to put the ideas on the page, they have gone, or you don’t have the energy to express those ideas, and so you end shelving them for another time?  I’ve been doing a lot of that recently.  I’ve read and commented on many other people’s blogs where what they’ve said has stirred up something in my mind.  Maybe that and life has zapped my creative energy?  Or maybe I’m a weird mix of driven and lazy, and blogging’s a discipline as well as a hobby?  Who knows!

Tom’s away this weekend in Paris so I made lots of plans to fill my time so that I wouldn’t miss him so much.  Since my time management leaves little to be desired, very few of my plans have happened.  I enjoyed a great yoga class yesterday and watched the film Sense and Sensbility, which was on TV (far too many ad breaks though).  Today was church then one of my favourite people in the world came over for lunch and we enjoyed this spread:

I also made us a raw dessert but I need to do some tweaking of the recipe so you’ll have to hold out for it.  It’s good though.

I’ve been enjoying roasted vegetables with my salads this week:

And yesterday, I had lonely bag of kale in my fridge.  So I decided to…

Yes, make Kale Chips!  Using Kath’s recipe as a basis.  I have to say, I’m not too sure what I think of them yet.  I may have a better/different use for baked kale up my sleeve.

This week I am embarking on my final week of working in the community before going to university for another theory block.  To celebrate the end of placement number 3 I will be doing a whole day of Iyengar yoga on Saturday.  I’m a little nervous as I’m not sure how much my muscles with be able to handle that much yoga in one go but it’ll be great, I’m sure.

Oh, and in other news, we’re not moving (did I mention we were thinking of it?).  We looked at a number of properties but none of them felt right.  I’m a little disappointed as Tom and I were looking forward to being able to rehome a dog.  Patience is a virtue, as “they” say.  Instead, I’m hoping to use my time in the summer to walk the dogs at our local rescue centre, and maybe squeeze in a trip to New York(!).  But before all that happens I need to get my head down and finish the final pieces of work for submission this week.  Buh-bye for now!

P.S.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVERIE!  I said in my last post that June’s the best month for birthdays…


11 thoughts on “Eats

  1. I hear ya on that whole first paragraph. You definitely are not alone there!


  2. I love the idea of roasted veggies in salads. I particularly like honey roasted pumpkin and pepitas. Yummy. Your spread looks pretty darn good too.


  3. Hey Sarah! All that food looks delicious 🙂 I haven’t tried kale chips yet but must try them soon.
    Sorry to hear you’re not moving, but as they say ‘if it’s for you it won’t go by you’, so ther must be a great place out there waiting for you!


  4. Beautiful, fresh food! Looks like you’ve been eating well, even if Tom was away. Sorry you aren’t moving, but you’re right, patience is a virtue and it is probably all for the best! I think that everything happens for a reason!


  5. i totally hear ya and feel the same with the first paragraph…and i am finding that lately, i am just way too exhausted and i have too much going on that i can’t post, or else i lose sleep…

    love your little spread…i love finger foods!!!

    how did your raw cooking class go?

    have a beautiful day!


  6. KALE CHIPS!!!!

    omg yes, i totally am so similar when it comes to posting. but also in life too, a lot of times i want to plan something or do something and i get so excited.. but when the time comes im etiher feeling crappy or it doesnt seem as appealing!

    xoxo ❤


  7. The kale chips look great, I’m a huge fan of them and tweaking the recipes with more spice. One of my main reasons for growing kale this year was to create kale chips. 😛


  8. I totally agree with your first paragraph. I love blogging and I often feel like I have tons to say, but then I procrastinate by doing everything else under the sun first. I think it is a discipline, even if you do enjoy it. It takes work and energy. I guess that’s not much different than any other hobby, though.

    I hope you don’t miss Tom too much!! You should do something really nice for yourself while he’s away:)


  9. “they have gone, or you don’t have the energy to express those ideas, and so you end shelving them for another time?”—YES story of my life! the energy part. it’s like my mind is always blogging and then when i sit down to write, i am so tired that half of it doenst ever make it onto the blog!

    thx for the bday wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and you too…here’s to your bday coming up!!!!! have a super one!!!


  10. Completely agree with the first paragraph! I do hope you end up posting your raw dessert though… I’m very intrigued 😀


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