A quick hello

Hello Friends,

How’s your week been and weekend going?  It’s been busy in our small corner of the South West.  I’ve been in the treatment room of the Health Centre I’m attached to for my placement and it’s been awesome.  If I end up working in the community I’d be tempted by the treatment room.  It’s so varied- I’ve met and helped people of all walks and ages, with a wide variety of different health needs.  Shame it was such a short placement.  Loved it though.

Today’s just going to be a quick one, and without a recipe as I’ve been eating out (without my camera) more than I’ve been in the kitchen.  Time’s just running away!

It was my birthday on Thursday.  All I will say is that the number 30 is getting closer and closer, which I will embrace in due course.  In the meantime, I shall continue to love my late 20s.  This is what the husband bought me:

A blender/juicer!  We used it this morning to make a strawberry, orange and banana smoothie, pure awesome!  I can’t wait to try green smoothies.  Can anyone recommend some recipes for a green smoothie virgin?

We’re eating over a friend’s house this evening, and it sounds like he’s gone to great lengths to ensure everything is gluten-free and vegan.  I feel so blessed and grateful when people honour and accomodate my dietary needs and ethical choices.  I’ll try to remember to take my camera so I can show you what he made.

Before I say goodbye, I found these photos from our recent visit to Tom’s parent’s country house in Wales.  Beautiful?

The winding West Wales roads leading to Tom’s parents.  Tom loves driving along these roads, “practising” his driving skills.

This is Matt’s garden (Tom’s brother).  It’s really Tom’s parents’ but Matt has been working tirelessly on this garden, in every spare moment.  The weekend we were visiting he was finishing the wall made out of stone from the river that runs outside of their house.  Amazing.

Tom’s dad.  He loves living in Wales.  They moved back a couple of years ago from London, where Tom was born and brought up.  You’ll also see Tom’s dad’s BBQ, a testament to his being South African.

Right, I’m off to ice the coconut cupcakes I’m bringing along for dessert tonight.  Hope you’re all having a great weekend x


11 thoughts on “A quick hello

  1. Happy belated birthday! What a fun gift.
    I love what alicia silverstone said about turning 30. She said “I’m glad because no I’m not an old 20 year old, I’m a young 30 year old”


  2. Summer, finally! And happy birthday! I don’t really have any green smoothie recipes, I jsut add about 50 g of kale/spinach/or turpip greens, water, a banana and 2-3 other fruits like some berries, a kiwi, a piece of melon. They always turn out great.


  3. Happy belated birthday! Hope you have a good evening at your friend’s house.


  4. Coconut cupcakes sound amazing! Happy belated birthday! For green smoothies, just try adding a few handfuls of spinach to a berry smoothie – you won’t even be able to taste it!


  5. most people say the 30’s were their favorite decade! unless theyre all lying to me.. lol. well at least u can still live up ur 20’s while theyre still here!!! ❤ xoxo


  6. I have a whole post about green smoothies and recipes. Especially in the summer, I can’t get enough. My favorite combinations are the simplest ones: berries, banana, almond/hemp milk and spirulina/kale.


  7. Lovely.

    My green smoothie of choice:
    1 cup kale or spinach
    1 frozen banana or 1 c frozen mango
    1 – 1.5 c OJ (I start with a cup and add more if necessary)


  8. My fave green smoothie recipe are
    Equal mix of water and soy/almond milk
    bowlful of spinach
    half a banana
    big handful of blueberries and a kiwi OR fresh pineapple chunks OR a pear



  9. oh my goodness…john and i actually want to visit wales one day…and we will…it’s so beautiful. what a spectacular country house…



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