Body Love

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last couple of months, you may have noticed that in the blogging world there has been an upsurge of body love and posts dealing with the multi-facted, complex relationship that we (male and female) have with our bodies.  For example, Gena has written a couple of guest posts on the great blog Eat the Damn Cake about body image and cultivating a positive relationship with your body; whilst ladies such as Averie and Janetha have been celebrating the strength of the female form.  There is also Caitlin’s Operation Beautiful (can’t wait for her book), which is sweeping public places everywhere.  Compelled by Tasha’s latest post to write a love letter to your body, I have done just this.  Body, here is my love letter to you.

Dear small, but perfectly imperfectly formed body,

I would like to begin my praising you for being the carrier of my soul, and the medium through which I interact with the world.  Without you I would not be.  You haven’t always blessed me with health and smooth sailing but we’ve always come through it.  You may be a bit temperamental about what I put in you, and you may react to the unconscious thoughts in my mind (whatever they are!) but I love and value you still.

Hair, I love how soft and wavy you are.  Thank you for being adaptable and patient with the numerous different hairstyles I’ve had over the years.  Some good, some bad but you’ve humbly put up with them.

Eyes, thank you for being big and blue.  Sometimes you are slightly hidden by the dark-rimmed glasses I enjoy wearing but I prefer to show you on special occasions only; like a party dress one pulls out especially for celebrated events.

Nose, you are small and dainty.  I love how inconspicuous you are.

Mouth, considering you are of a similar size to my nose, you most certainly like to hog the lime light sometimes!  You have been known to project my dry sense of humour at inappropriate moments.  And, whilst I am outwardly embarrassed, deep down I love this part of me.  Plus, without I would not be able to enjoy some of my favourite things in the world- food and kisses from Tom.

Teeth, you have been through a lot in terms of dental treatment and have caused me to spend great amounts of money but you’re still there.  I’m so proud and thankful for your ability to nosh on all the great raw food I like to enjoy.  Without you, how would I enjoy my raw carrots and favourite, cashew nuts?

Shoulders, you draw attention to how petite I am, which I love, and you hold me in Sarvangasana.  Thank you.

Arms, you hold my unique birth mark and draw attention to my tiny wrists, which make me feel dainty.

Hands, I love you for enabling me to play the piano, which I enjoy so dearly.  You are nimble and with you I can carry out the more intricate tasks of nursing.

Breasts, thank you for remaining even when in the past I have lost too much weight; you’ve still been there.  Because of you, I am reminded that I am a woman, and proud.

Stomach, wow we have been through alot!  Forgive me for not always giving you the love you deserve.  I have abused you and cursed you, and for this, I am sorry.  Know that I love how you gently curve.

Legs, you know what, considering I’m so short you’re actually quite long (in relation to the rest of me).  I love how strong you are and knees, don’t tell thighs and calves but, you’re my favourite part.

Feet, like the rest of me, you are small but your (UK) size 3s get me great deals on shoes; score!  It is because of you that I love walking around with bare feet and painted toe nails.

Thank you body for being imperfectly perfect. x


Ok readers, what are you waiting for, it’s your turn now!


7 thoughts on “Body Love

  1. good to know i havent been living in a cave then hehe. i think its been so inspiring and amazing that bloggers are taking the initiative to post about loving out bodies and creating a healthy relationship with ourselves. Self-love all around. and its so funny cuz ive only been blogging for almost 2 months but even in myself ive become more confident in my skin that my family and friends noticed. i know its been from blogging 100%.

    i know i should take time to write a post or a letter to myself.. ive done it many times through journaling but it might be nice to try something online. yours was beautiful, and i loved reading what you appreciate and love so much about yourself. each part of us holds something greater, a power to allow us to live life so uniquely. thank you so much for sharing, and im glad many people will be able to be inspired by this like i have been!


  2. Hi Kelsey! Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad the blogging world has already been such a positive experience for you. I definitely recommend writing the love letter; it’s a great opportunity to reflect. And, whilst I felt a bit vulnerable publishing this, it’s a liberating experience and our bodies are so worth celebrating. Hope you have fun with yours, even if you don’t publish it 🙂


  3. just wrote a comment on tasha’s post that i will just paste here, same thing and greatpost Sarah!
    ” I actually paid a tribute to my body/physical self by posting those photoshoot pics of myself on my blog. I wondered if it was narcissistic before i posted it, in addition to getting nasty comments for whatever reason. But actually it was the highest viewed post ever. AND no nasty comments. AND i had scads of women write in thanking me for posting the pics and for the words i wrote announcing the post b/c it helped them accept themselves. For the good, bad, and the ugly and to just let it all hang out and not be so critical of themselves. People seemed genuinely appreciative AND I of course had TONS of fun doing the shoot and love the photos. I grew a human being in my body, i nursed her for 3+ years, and I have proven my body has form AND function, ie.. yoga, lifting, and creating a life: Skylar.



  4. Oh I LOVE this! It brought tears to my eyes, sooooo beautiful. Heee heee, I love how your mouth can get away from you at times, but that you love it anyway.

    And I didn’t know you could play the piano! You should post a video, that would be so wonderful to see and hear. I took piano lessons for years as a kid but can still only play a handful of VERY simple songs. I was never the musical type and have always been in awe of those who are.

    And awwww….I love how you call your nose inconspicuous! How sweet. It should be friends with my nose because it is anything but conspicuous. More like large and in charge! 😉


  5. hey girl – thanks so much for stopping by my little blog, and your opinion on calorie counting. i am with you 100%! i chose that path since it was a medical emergency, but that is DEFINITELY not for everyone!

    and ps – this post is gorgeous. thank you so much for your honesty!


  6. What a great post, Sarah. I have missed visiting your blog (since I’ve been MIA) so much, and hopping on to it tonight and reading this post first thing has uplifted and encouraged me. I haven’t been too open with this on my blog, but I often have so much trouble loving my body. It’s something I’m working really hard to improve. This post was just what I needed. Thank you.

    Also, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It feels good to have been missed:)


  7. what a beautiful love letter to yourself…

    thanks so much for sharing this…i definitely need to do a post like this…i just haven’t had the time to actually THINK lately…haha!

    “thank you body for being imperfectly perfect”…well said my friend…i got goosebumps reading this!


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