Bank Holiday Brasserie fun

Happy Bank Holiday weekend, UK people!

It’s been mostly a great weekend here so far.  Friday night we went out for dinner with some of our closest friends, whom we haven’t seen for ages (more on that later).  Yesterday was a chilled day.  I picked up a very exciting parcel in the morning then relaxed and did a bit of uni work.  This morning I was supposed to be attending a 3-hour beginners Ashtanga workshop, which I was really excited about, but it had to be cancelled as there weren’t enough people attending for it to go ahead.  Gutted.  Instead I came home and did 40 minutes of my own little yoga session.  Not quite the same but at least Igot my yoga fix.

Anyway, the friday night meal I was telling you about was at one of my favourite Bristol restaurants, Bordeaux Quay.  A brasserie, restaurant, deli, bakery, bar, and cookery school in one.  And, according to their website, it’s

the UK’s first eco restaurant to achieve a gold rating under the Soil Association’s sustainable catering scheme.

Not bad, huh.

Here’s the entry point to the restaurant and the bakery (which was shut at the time):

And our simple and beautifully dressed table (I love the potted plant, great touch):

And the somewhat “grey day” view from our table, overlooking part of Bristol’s waterfront (where they have a great harbourside festival every year, as well as lots of other great events for the culturally inclined):

Ok, onto the best bit: the food!

We ate at the Brasserie this time, but on another occasion we’ve eaten at the restaurant.  The service is always great and not only do they happily accomodate my dietary requirements, they always provide something unique and delicious.  This time was no exception.  To start I had a lovely dressed green salad (I added some cashew nuts to it that I had in my bag):

Then as a main, I had a rocket and roasted vegetable salad with an aubergine steak topped with a fresh tomato sauce:

This was SO good.  The subtle flavours worked well together to provide a fresh tasting dish.  I love that they created this for me within my dietary requirements.  I don’t know what they dress their salads with; whatever it is it’s delicious.  I love this place.  The Brasserie promotes a relaxed, welcoming environment and all the staff seem genuinely nice and talented.

Right, the bank holiday fun now continues with a beer festival at our local pub.  Could be messy! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Brasserie fun

  1. Hi Sarah it’s been mini-hols here too! AND I went out for lunch with the BF today for the first time in ages and we sat outside, does it get any better than that? Service is usually crap here in Cph but I got the best salad. Had my first intervals planned for this weekend but since the glutening has left me completely weak I’m skipping it and doing some yoga – running after glutening is always just setting myself up for disappointment, I try to make sure I only have succesful running-experiences while I’m still trying to convince myself to stick with it, dammit :-). Thanks for your comment – it DOES suck yeah, this morning I just went limp and slept for hours, but now I’m approaching the stage where it feels like I’m jumping off the walls with energy again…Hooray for healthy tummies, hope yours is up and running too 😉

    Oi, the cupcakes, I should wait until I’ve tried some more before I recommend, I’ve really only been successful with the cheating-by-crumbling-a Larabar version, plus the icing, which is great… I have to work on my date-paste and almond butter skills before I move on I think?


  2. That’s too bad – the workshop sounded like it’d be a lot of fun. Sounds like a really neat restaurant – I love that you added cashews from your bag!


  3. Sorry to hear that you didn’t get to take that yoga class. At least you got in a session at home. I did 45 minutes of yoga yesterday, which was a treat. With a baby in the house, it’s hard to fit it in sometimes.

    That meal looks delicious. Sounds like a great place to go.


  4. Hi Anne, yeah same here with running and post glutening- never a wise move. I do love how yoga is always helpful, no matter how you’re feeling. x Mine’s getting there- went out for an Indian meal last night and I think there was some stealthy dairy in there, very annoying! Ah well, c’est la vie 🙂


  5. Thanks Averie. I spoke to the people at the yoga studio and they said I could just attend any level 2 class without going to a workshop since I’ve been doing yoga regularly for a year so that’s one good thing that came out of yesterday x


  6. Hey there, thank you! Yeah, I bet any moments to yourself when you have a baby are rare and precious 🙂


  7. Oh yum! That restaurant looks fantastic, and I’m loving how eco-conscious it is. Aren’t aubergine steaks the best? Looks like you had a blast!


  8. That looks like a really cool place! We had a holiday as well and went to a vegan restaurant. Yay for free days.


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