Final installment

Hey guys,

Thought I’d quickly drop in to say hello, and I’m still here…  I haven’t blogged for 7 days but it feels like much longer!

My life this past week has consisted of community nursing, yoga, studying for an essay on wound management anc clinical decision making, poor nights’ sleep, and IBS.  Oh yeah.  Love it.  My digestive system has reminded me that it does not like bananas, stress, and a lack of sleep.  Instead it loves food to be little and often, apples, veges, and not too much sugar, caffeine, and dried fruit.

Anyways, I have the last Pulsin bar to share with you today:

The Maple and Peanut Protein bar.

I was looking forward to this one since I love both peanut butter and maple syrup, and a little more protein in my diet is never a bad thing.  It was good but the texture was a bit strange.  I’m not sure how to describe it.  It was quite dry but tasted good.  The maple and peanut butter flavours were subtle and blended together well.  I think this is definitely the more functional of the bars.  That is, if you need a protein boost after a hefty workout this is the baby (will come in handy for my 3 hour Ashtanga yoga workshop on Sunday!).

So there you have the final Pulsin bar.

Just to recap, I’ve also reviewed:

Energy Bomb

Bliss Bar

Berry Burst

Raw Chocolate Brownie

So there we have it.  My favourite would be a toss up between the Raw Chocolate Brownie disc and the Bliss Bar.  Can’t wait to buy more of these ones.

Fingers crossed, from May 17th I shall be blogging more frequently; woo woo!  From this date I will be free of essay work until July-ish, and then I’ll be on my summer hols… not that I’m counting down the days or anything.  I’m thinking of mixing my blog content up a bit by blogging more about my daily eats (just in case anyone’s interested in what a gluten-free, vegan girl living in England consumes), as well as my usual posts.  What do you reckon?  In the meantime, back to essay writing I go.

Hope your week is going well. x


5 thoughts on “Final installment

  1. Oh no…well I just got glutened, so I feel your pain with the tummy-trouble…

    All the leaves just popped out on the trees over here, guess England must be the same – good thing you’ll be done with the books&essays in time to enjoy 😉


  2. great little bars! yum! i am glad you took a week off..we all have REAL lives off the blog life and it’s good to go live it 🙂
    you asked me a question re yoga, i think about eating before or after? i eat nothing or super light before (or just tea or coffee) and then eat after. but i always practice in the morning

    love your comment to me just now about abs, honesty, feeling good. that’s what it’s all about!

    time to sleep for me!


  3. Thanks for tips girl, much appreciated 🙂 really excited about the workshop tomorrow now x


  4. I’m always attracted to the packaging. Although the little hockey puck of a snack isn’t really jazzed up, I like its wrapping.

    Oh, I almost forgot; the measurements are different in my e-book, as I used cups, Tbsp., tsp, etc. Just thought you’d like to know that.


  5. No worries about taking a short break! I hate when I have to go a couple of days without updating my blog, but it happens! I can’t wait till you’re back in full swing, though. And I would definitely be interested in seeing your daily eats. I bet you have a lot of awesome ideas! Hope your busyness slows down a bit:)


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