Yoga Crisis

Good day to you all!

I’m so happy the weekend is here; I have no idea where the week’s gone.  Seriously.  The weather is, once again, glorious so Tom and I are going to have a relaxing walk along the beach this afternoon.  Saturday’s usually my yoga class day but I’ve been having a yoga crisis.

I discovered yoga just over a year ago.  I started by doing a hatha yoga DVD at home then in August last year I decided to join a class.  The nearest one to me and that sounded best for a beginner was Iyengar yoga.  I rocked up and really loved it.  The attention to detail and the focus required to hold each pose really drew me in.  Plus, my teachers are friendly and have a good sense of humour.  Through yoga I feel grounded, calm, and energised.

However, over the last month or so my Iyengar classes haven’t been so enjoyable.  I’ve started feelimg impatient and finding it difficult to concentrate.  I’m craving something other than focussing on every last detail of poses that seem so familiar now.  I still have a great deal to learn, and I am by no means an expert at even the basic poses, but I’ve been craving more.  Last week I went to a new yoga class- a Hatha Flow class.  It was awesome, and so different from Iyengar.  Iyengar yoga is great for building strength and learning the poses.  But Hatha Flow is more graceful and forgiving.  I love that through the flow I find it much easier to calm my mind and be worshipful in each flow and pose.  I think both of these types of yoga suit the different parts of my personality well; one is more academic and the other is more liberal and appreciative.

On reflection, I think I may have found the right combination of yoga for me to practice.  This may change.  But for now, I am content in my yoga practice.  Yet there is still this restless in my physical body.  With the return of sunshine, and the sense of freshness that hits your face and fills your nostrils when you walk out your front door and is unique to the Spring, my body is coming to life again.  It wants to feel invigorated and challenged.  I’m not sure where I’m going with this post really.  I guess it’s more reflective and self-serving.  (Sorry if I’ve bored you all).  I’m wondering, do you ever feel a restlessness?  What form of fitness would you recommend in this instance, or do you love?

Finally, and briefly, I have two more Pulsin bars for you.

Lack of sleep and breakfast on the run = No. 1  The Energy Bomb.  If you love green tea, you’ll love this one.

The texture is firm but moist.  However, I’m not a fan of green tea and so that was a hurdle that this little but dense bar just couldn’t overcome.  I wanted to enjoy it but just wasn’t happening.  So, I turned to bar no. 2:

The Bliss Bar.

LOVED this.  Being the proud chocaholic, I will always get a sense of bliss when consuming anything with cocoa or cacao in.  This was no exception.  Delicious.

The texture was similar to the Brownie Bar – biscuit like – which, I’m really enjoying.  For those of you who are gluten free, remember the large, soft but firm, wheat-packed cookies you can buy.  Well, the Pulsin chocolate varieties are somewhere between these and the Maryland (also wheat-packed) chocolate cookies.  Seriously great.  Thank you people at Pulsin!

I have one bar left to try and review, and a recipe for choco-nana muffins so stay tuned.   In the mean time, hope you have a great Saturday!


12 thoughts on “Yoga Crisis

  1. I *totally* know what you mean!!! I was only thinking the same thing this morning before I read this – I did Iyengar yoga classes for about a year once a week, I wouldn’t be particularly talented at yoga but I did really love it. Then I did a once-off yoga class (I can’t remember what type, it wasn’t Hatha or Iyengar though) which was really, really intense – so hard that I wanted to run out of there after 5 mins but I stuck with it and it worked out every inch of my body. But the class is about 40 mins away and expensive so I haven’t gone since.
    And now my Monday nights are so busy that I can’t do the usual yoga class I used to do, and haven’t done yoga in months. And it was OK for a while but now I really am experiencing that restlessness you’re talking about. I want to get back to yoga so badly – this morning after I got up I did a few easy poses and it felt great.
    I’m going to be working from home 3 days a week from the end of April so it’s really time to get back into the yoga zone.

    So I don’t know if I have any advice really but just wanted to say I totally get what you mean. 🙂 I’m going to try do yoga at home & seek out a good class, here’s hoping! Keep us updated on how you’re getting on! I wonder if there are any good online classes that someone like Averie could recommend? It would be great to have a good DVD or youtube video to watch.
    Aoife xx


  2. Oh! Also I got the Pulsin brownie bar yesterday! It smelled a bit weird but after a few chews all the flavours really came out and it was lovely. I’d get it again for sure – it’s not cheap though. But I’ll deffo have to try the Bliss one! It wasn’t too ‘nutty’ which was great but it was filling for the size of it. Thanks for the tip – if I hadn’t seen them on here I might not have decided to try them!


  3. Yay, I’m not alone! Good news. Actually, now that you mention it, is really good for online yoga classes. I’ve recently started doing some of them at home. You should def check it out. Love the yoga zone.

    Since writing this morning I’ve found an Intro to Ashtanga Yoga morning in August at my local studio; which sounds like the class you once tried out and is a major workout. I’m thinking of booking myself onto it but it’s 3 hours long which could be crazy…


  4. Glad you liked the Pulsin bar. The Brownie one’s good isn’t it. Yeah, they are rather expensive but great for a treat. I’m sure Pulsin will be happy that their samples have boosted their sales and profile 😛


  5. I’m such a green tea-extract lover! Perfect for me, then…:-)

    Yeah, I wanted to recommend yogadownload to you, but I think I read about it in your blog actually, hahaha…Also, I think I told you, I do some of the twenty-minute podcasts at yogajournal. And I tried out some of Tara Stiles routines at youtube – only ten minutes most of them, but it shakes things up a bit sometimes to try something new, and that means I can always “mix” and make a customized workout for each day that I’m training.

    About running… I started running exactly because of that feeling that I needed something “more”! I honestly thought I would never get that feeling of wanting to run again – wanting to start from scratch – again. Yeah, it’s pretty devastating for your pride, the first couple of times just jogging along at snail’s pace, ugh :-). But it feels sooo great the first time you go for a run and begin to feel that things are just swingin’… – great way to jump into spring ;-). And it doesn’t matter if you are going slower than granma and have no style – I always think about this place I used to run where everybody all over the city is always running: SO many styles of running. I mean: wacky, impossible, incredibly slow and unbelievably fast…everything. Fat, skinny, old….what matters is that it feels good to the person that’s doing the running – much like yoga! When I get the “omg, they’re staring, I’m going soooo slow here” I always think, well who’s to know if I’m on the last stretch of my weekly double marathon? Who’s to say if I’m just jogging in between my really fast intervals? – haha. But most of time I succeed in not caring – I love training and really thinking about what my body is telling me, how I can get faster or run longer, so mostly, that’s what I think about. Great weekend to you too!


  6. Re the whole yoga thing, you know my suggestion is for ashtanga or something with the words flow or vinyasa or power in it. If you’re restless physically, you need more challenge, period. Those types will challenge you so your mind can quiet. I hope you find something that works b/c bad yoga classes are like bad sex…just not worth doing 🙂


  7. I do Vinyasa yoga which is strenuous and keeps me focused. Of course, I haven’t done it in ages because I still find it a bit boring and slow. I like harcore cardio, weights, riding horses, hiking, moving around. Yoga is great and SO good for you, but I find it really difficult to force myself to do it.


  8. Hey ladies, thanks for the input 🙂

    I think I’m going to give Vinyasa/Ashtanga yoga a go but my local studio require that you go to a study day or course on Ashtanga before attending the classes. So, I’ve booked a study morning for August. Exciting.

    Averie, I love what you said about yoga being a physical challenge so that it can quiet your mind. I’m going to give my iyengar class another try this morning to see.

    Tasha, I LOVE going for great walks outside and generally moving around. It’s great (and interesting) how different exercise suits different people.

    Anne, that’s what I think when I’m out running! Plus, there’s never anyone else around who would run when I go so it’s not so bad 🙂


  9. When I’m restless, I like to just go to the park and run around like crazy. Most of my life I go through like a calm, sane individual, doing yoga a few times a week, but every so often I need to go to just let loose physically. Usually I start by going to the park and calling it “playing frisbee” but after awhile that turns into racing my fiance to the nearest (or farthest!) tree and back and then, once I’ve exhausted him, doing random yoga poses and things I remember from my childhood gymnastic classes until my body aches or I’m just pooped. I think it helps to not do anything focused or organized – I just move how I want to move when I want to and don’t worry about people thinking that I look crazy. They just wish that they could let loose and feel as good as I do. :]


  10. Hi and thank you for your comment on my blog.

    We all go through periods like this with yoga, even us teachers! If I were you I’d try out as many different teachers and styles as you can right now. That way you’re bound to fall in love with it again. Also try practicing at home a little bit too to find out what your body is craving.

    I think you’ll find the study morning hugely helpful.

    BTW great to meet another British yoga and food blogger!!!


  11. hi girl! i just found your blog. it’s great! i had the same yoga crisis about a year ago. i crave yoga daily but i just couldn’t clear my mind when it came down to class time so i started going to a yoga studio that offered various forms of yoga and it has left me craving yoga more than ever. i think it’s essential for your practice to try many different forms of yoga and then i can assure you that it never gets old or boring 😉 hope you have a good day! xoxo


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