What is this they call "Sun"?

Today I was going to blog about some fruit and nut cake bars that I’ve made but instead I want to write about how much I love Bristol in the sunshine.

I’m supposed to be staying indoors writing an essay.  But who can stay in when beyond their laptop there is this vision:

Ok, so maybe this image doesn’t do it justice (sorry about the off angle) but it is glorious outside.  And, since we’re not that close to any lovely open green areas, I decided to take a stroll down my favourite road in Bristol.  Tom and I have been living in Bristol for almost 9 years but I still get a sense of excitement whenever I wander along it.

It has three health food stores, that I always spend a fortune in (see below; I don’t wish to say how much this small amount of food cost).

Loads of eclectic clothes shops, charity shops, furniture shops, and more.  It has numerous cafes, catering to every need, and that are perfect for watching people from all walks of life amble on by.  I think it has pretty much everything you could want or need on one road.  These images don’t quite capture the hussle and bussle of the road but it honestly has a great buzz about it.

If I had my pick of urban areas to live in, it would be this one, just off my favourite road.  Not surprisingly, it’s too expensive to live there so we live a long walk/drive away from it.

And, what else do Bristolians do in the sunshine?

Sit out in beer gardens drinking cider, of course! Funnily enough the Labour government, in the last couple of weeks, put a 10% tax rise on cider but the people in the west country campaigned enough that they’ve decided to remove it!  (I think it was a bit of a political manouver as well; the Lib Dems and the Conservatives had their hand in the overturn of the tax rise in order to bolster their campaigns to win the upcoming election).

Anyway, amongst today’s goodie bag there was tempeh.  I’ve tried tempeh before but wasn’t a big fan.  However, inspired by this post, I decided to give it another shot.  And, I have to say, the results were pleasing…

I was half way through eating it before I even thought of taking a photo.  It was just a simple stir-fry (as always) of carrots, broccoli, red pepper, red onion, and fresh ginger sauteed in a little toased sesame oil and chinese five-spice powder before adding the chopped tempeh (which was already flavoured with tamari and a few other spices).  I served it up dressed with tamari and sweet chilli sauce.

Hope you’ve all been enjoying the sunshine as much as we have… (I think I speak for myself, as Tom’s being stroppy and taking his mood out on his computer- he’ll love me for saying that).



5 thoughts on “What is this they call "Sun"?

  1. the weather looks glorious!!!!!! as does sitting outside drinking cider and having a freakin ball. You’re doing things right! 🙂
    Chinese 5 spice, been putting it on popcorn but i bet the tempeh rocks.

    Sarah, love ya babe!


  2. That view out your window is GLORIOUS! I’d be outside relaxing in the sunshine, too. What I love most is that it looks sunny AND clear. Here it is usually dusty and gross so we rarely get those blindingly beautiful blue skies that you are enjoying right now.

    That tempeh dish looks so hearty and yummy!


  3. Hey Sarah! What a fun post. I love hearing about what people do in different parts of the world! You don’t get that on blogs too often;)

    I love tempeh too…especially the way it soaks up the flavors of any dish. Funny enough, I didn’t like it the first time I tried it either. Then I gave it another chance and tossed it in a stir fry and loved it!


  4. Your pictures are making me long for London again. I remember how excited everyone used to get when the sun came out hehe. Great photos Sarah x


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