Hello! And welcome to my new home!

This is what I’ve been up to in my absence. As well as finishing off the essay and submitting it (but only to have another awaiting). This also arrived:

Yup, my poor computer suffered manslaughter at the hand of red wine. Sad times. But this new one is great; almost worth the hole it’s left in our bank account!

It was my first week of my community nursing placement last week/this week just gone. The nursing team are lovely and I’ve met some wonderful people who I will be helping in the community. It’s strange entering people’s homes to provide nursing care but it’s a privilege at the same time.

My daily eats have been quite boring this week but I did find time to bake Fauxstess Cupcakes from Vegan With A Vengeance.

They are amazing! I’m sure they taste as good as what I imagine the gluten versions tasting. Good job, Isa! To make them gluten-free just use 100g of any gluten-free flour blend in place of the 115g of all-purpose/plain flour. As you can see, I didn’t decorate them as fully as Isa recommends but the chocolate ganache icing was more than sufficient.

Tom and I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine this afternoon by going for a relaxing stroll along the beach at Weston-Super-Mare. It’s a bit of a building site at the moment, as the peer is being rebuilt, but it was nice to be by the sea and experience the sunshine with loads of other people, their families, and their dogs. Ah, the Brits. As soon as there’s a sign of sunshine we all come out from hibernation!

Hope spring is finally showing it’s face wherever you are in the world. x


5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Sarah, your new blog is looking lovely,I’ve been away too our little members have been down with various bugs!Glad you got a new laptop,definitely an essential piece of equipment! Gosh I haven’t been to Western for many years but my one memory was losing my daughter in an arcade on the pier,a frightening experience.It is lovely to see a bit more of the sunshine isn’t it?Spring is here:) I used to work as a carer in the community working along side nurses,and it certainly is a privilege to enter their home and care for them,I actually never looked at it as a job!Glad you got your essay finished it is hard work isn’t it but will be worth it.The cakes look yummy,I adore ganache,they really don’t need anything else!Have a good week,Beckyxx


  2. WOW your site is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did you do this all yourself? If so, you’re beyond impressive and if not, i need the person who helped you!
    I am going to migrate to WP soon and have a lady lined up for when she’s freed up, but seriously, it’s beautiful 🙂
    How much work was it, how hard was it, the whole bit…email me when you have time if you wanna brag about it, b/c you should!


  3. Thanks Becky. I’ve missed your lovely comments on these pages. Hope you’ve all recovered from your illnesses. xxx


  4. WOW! I LOVE the new site, it is so fresh and bright, gorgeous design! It’s only breakfast here but I think I NEED one of those cupcakes. YUM YUM!

    Cody and I have been daydreaming about moving to Cornwall lately. He’s in the process of getting his British passport (his mom is English) so who knows, maybe we will be moving to your part of the world soon!


  5. Thanks Tasha 🙂

    Awesome, come to the UK! Cornwall’s beautiful. We don’t have the weather over here though. But you’ve lived in the UK before haven’t you so you know what to expect x


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