Let's Get Nakd

No, that’s not a typo in the title; I do mean “nakd” rather than “naked”.  Nakd GF and Nakd Raisins are the new product ranges from Natural Balance Foods; the company that also produces Trek Flapjacks, Trek protein bars, and Nakd bars (none of these are gluten-free but they are wheat and dairy free).  Since these new products are happily gluten-free and vegan friendly and all raw I was excited to try them out.  Aware that my tastes are somwhat different to the mainstream (according to my husband at least) I thought I’d better bring in some help, i.e. my nervously willing home group (pictured below).

We all tried each of the bars and raisins and, whilst there were mixed reviews, overall the feedback was positive.  Personally, I’m not a lover of raisins on their own but I do enjoy them in certain dishes and baked goods.  However, these were great “as is”.  Whilst I was not a fan of the lemon flavoured raisins, my friend Liz was.  Everybody enjoyed the pineapple, cherry and orange flavoured raisins once we got our heads around the ingenious concept of dried grapes infused with other fruit flavours.  I think the best ways to enjoy these, apart from as your usual mid-morning/mid-afternoon snacks, are as a dessert accompaniment (such as on top of your favourite vegan-friendly ice-cream or mixed into your favourite soy yoghurts), or as film food.  Both Tom and I love munching on chocolate-coated raisins, and these would make a great, healthier substitute.  Essentially, I thought fruit-infused raisins was a fun idea, which succeeds in elevating the often neglected raisin (read: childhood packed lunch with little boxes of Sun-Maid raisins; remember them?). That reminds me, these would be great for children’s lunch boxes.  I might try to slip a packet in with the husband’s lunch; he needs some help getting his five-a-day!

The Nakd GF bars; I LOVE them.  I used to love the Larabar range and was gutted when they stopped selling them in the UK (another reason why I’m envious of you US bloggers/readers).  But alas, the void has been filled by these bars.  Now I just hope that they continue making and expanding this range.  Each bar is great, and if I had to choose a favourite it would be a toss up between the Pecan Pie and the Chocolate Orange one, and dependant upon when I was eating the bar.  The Chocolate Orange one would be great as an afternoon snack or to satisfy your after dinner chocolate craving whilst feeling virtuous.  This was also my testing group’s favourite bar.  And the Pecan Pie bar would be great as a breakfast on the run, or mid-morning snack.  Saying that, the Cashew Cookie used to be my favourite, which means that the Ginger Bread one may soon take the numbero uno slot.  The only disappointing thing about the Ginger Bread bar was that it tasted more of cloves than of ginger.  I am a massive ginger fan so this was a shame but don’t let this put you off as it’s still “delish”.

Essentially, if you love your health foods like me then you MUST go out and buy any of the bar range.  However, there was some debate over whether these were a bit too healthy (both in taste and concept) for them to be a go-to snack unless one was feeling particularly health-conscious (which isn’t a negative in my book).  Either way, the nakd bars and the pineapple infused raisins will have a regular place in my university book bag.

Have you tried any of this range?  What was your favourite?


7 thoughts on “Let's Get Nakd

  1. You’re welcome! I’m not sure if they’re available in the US but they are pretty much a welsh-british version of larabars. x


  2. Currently, I’m just a little bit in love with the coco orange one. They seem very hard to get hold of round here, so they are really rather a treat.


  3. Yeah, I’ve only ever seen them in some Sainsbury’s and some health food stores. I may order some online once I’ve run out. x


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