Anyone fancy a detox, raw-style?

This is the view from our flat this morning.  It’s all over the news media at the moment.  Apparently some parts of Britain are experiencing the heaviest snowfall in almost 50 years.  Global warming or just the unpredictable nature of weather?  That’s a debate I’d rather not enter right now.

What I would like to mention is the 10-day wellness cleanse that Spark Wellness and Choosing Raw are running.

I know I mentioned it last week but I just wanted to remind you all.  I’ve tried cleanses/detoxes in the past but they’ve always been half-hearted, lacked structure and ultimately unsuccessful since I’ve never stuck to them for longer than a day thus haven’t reaped the benefits.  Plus, I’ve felt miserable and deprived on them.  However, this time will be different because it’s structured, it’s catered to a level that suits you (you choose between levels 1-3), it’s a group detox so there’s support, and the guys from Spark Wellness and Gena from Choosing Raw are also available to provide guidance and support.  Sounds good?  I think so.  For those of you who are in the US there is a free teleclass this evening about it and to answer any questions (details on the Spark Wellness website) and for us in the UK a recording of the teleclass can be sent.  The cleanse runs from January 18th-27th and is really affordable.  (I think in British pounds it works out as roughly £37 but there are also a number of discounts available).

Wow, that’s quite a hard-sell, huh.  Can you tell I’m excited?  I am trying not to pin too much on this cleanse though.  My hopes for it are that it will help break my addiction to sugar and processed foods… and the occasionally-regular glass of red wine (caffeine I can take or leave, and I’m naturally gluten-free and vegan already), and that it will help with my transition to a high-raw diet.  We’ll see; these things take time, and it’s a journey that requires kindness and patience to oneself.

Coming up on my blog soon I’ll be reviewing some vegan, gluten-free products that are available in the UK and are yummy (can’t wait).  I’ll also be adding a page about eating out with food intolerances/dietary requirements, and recommended restaurants.  Exciting!

One last thing, check out The Voracious Vegan’s grand opening giveaway #2; looks good and I love this site!


3 thoughts on “Anyone fancy a detox, raw-style?

  1. Thanks so much for linking back to the giveaway, much appreciated.

    Brrr…that picture made me COLD. I was shivering this morning when it was in the 50s/60s. You are a far braver person than I!

    I think the Choosing Raw detox/cleanse sounds fabulous! I love Gena and I bet it will be fantastic!


  2. My pleasure.
    Yeah, it’s cold. I haven’t been brave enough to go outside yet. I’m not good with extreme weather conditions (apart from constant rain, being welsh).
    Am very excited about the cleanse. I remember you doing the ACT cleanse last year; that sounds much more difficult. Any tips would be great.


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