It's time for a detox with raw food…

i.e. a Spark Wellness and Choosing Raw 10-day Detox!

Since it’s New Year’s Eve I’ve started thinking about what I want for the New Year.  Do I want to make more resolutions that I probably won’t keep?  I think not.  But after a christmas of baking and consuming lots of wine, sugary and salty treats I feel it’s time to welcome in the new year with a mini-detox and move on in my raw food journey.   And, because I have a rubbish track history when it comes to detoxing and cleansing (and more money than sense!), I am joining in a group detox with Spark Wellness and Choosing Raw.  Intrigued?  Click here for more info.  It has three different levels so the cleanse that you do is more suited to what your body’s used to consuming.  For example, if you usually consume meat, dairy and gluten then level 1 would suitable as it’s a more gentle detox.  Plus, it’s not some ridiculous detox where all you consume are liquids such as juices and smoothies, and feel like you’re going to faint every time you stand up let alone walk.  This is a realistic one that enables you to get on with everyday life with MORE energy rather than less.  So, what are you waiting for?  Join in with me on January 18th for a 10-day gentle cleanse.

As for other New Year’s resolutions I’m going to try to be kinder to myself by having more realistic expectations and goals.  I’m not sure exactly what this resolution will involve though…  There are, however, two things I want to master in the new year (aside from getting through 2nd year of my nursing degree):

1.  I want exercise to be a no compromise area of my life.  i.e. I want to up my yoga practice to twice a week (at the moment I go 1-2 times a week), and start running twice a week.  I’m a phase person when it comes to exercise.  I’ve never gone longer than a few months without some form of exercise but I never stick to a form.  This is usually because I have unrealistic expectations so end up feeling disappointed, and lose confidence.

2.  I want to become better at manouvering and parking my car.  As it stands, I hate driving but mostly because I dread parking or having to manouver.  So, if I can become better at these, my confidence should follow so I won’t be so nervous about driving.

What are your resolutions?

Hope you have a great time welcoming in the New Year whatever you’re doing and that 2010’s a good one!

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