Christmas Chocolates

Gosh, it’s been a busy day.  Fun busy, but busy nonetheless (do you get that I’ve been busy?!).  Now it’s relaxation time- I get to sit down with my mug of peppermint tea, write this post, and watch my favourite Christmas episodes of Ally McBeal.  Yup, that show never grows old; especially the episodes with Robert Downey Jnr…

And so it’s just a quick post today to share my discovery.

It’s a month of firsts in chez Collins, and these are my first attempt at making chocolates (hence them looking rather messy; tastey though).  I found this delicious recipe for Chocolate Coconut Cups on the blog, Hell Yeah It’s Vegan.  I was a bit apprehensive about making them as a steady hand, and preferrably a choclate mould or mini cupcake tray is needed neither of which I have.  They turned out great and I’ll happily give these as gifts.

Robert Downey Jnr calls, before I leave to sing carols at our church’s christmas extravaganza of a carol service.  Happy Sunday!


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