A Cake whilst Convalescing

On a rainy, windy, mild November day you cannot beat the smell of a chocolate cake baking in the oven whilst you sit and read in the late afternoon light.  The dimness is punctuated by a quietly lit lamp, and my favourite bands are serenading the silence in the background.  Right now, I am convalescing after being kept up most of the night with a bad stomach.  However, I did find the energy to bake a cake.  It’s a trial run for the cake I hope to bake for my mum’s 50th birthday party on Friday.  Fingers crossed it’ll come out great.  The recipe was taken from Vegan with a Venegeance and slightly adapted to make it gluten free as well as vegan.   If the cake tastes as great as the batter did then we’re in for a treat.  Even when I’m ill, I’m not very good at doing nothing; idly sitting aroung makes me stressed.  And, I’m not very good at watching TV or films in the day.  Thus, I make a rubbish ill person.  It doesn’t help that I’ve got studying I should be getting on with but, for a change(!), I lack motivation.  What do you do when you’re ill?…

…Fast forward a couple of hours later and…

I’m pleased to say that the cake was excellent.  May I present to you, the rich and decadent Raspberry Blackout Cake with Ganache-y Icing (except I replaced the raspberry component with strawberry, and rice flour instead of plain (wheat) flour).  Gluten free, vegan awesomeness.  Honestly, I think every vegan kitchen should have a copy of Vegan with a Vengeance.  Sorry ther’s no recipe.  I’m not sure if I’m allowed to publish the recipe due to copyright laws, even though it has modifications.  You’ll have to buy the book 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Cake whilst Convalescing

  1. Wow. I may have to actually buy the book… or talk you into giving me the recipe when I next see you!


  2. You may well have to do one of those things… It has sugar in it though. Tom took it into work today and it’s gone down a storm. Wish I’d kept some at home for me!


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