Food- What does it mean to you?


Well friends, it is blowing a gale here in Bristol.  The rain is beating against the window, and the wind is squealing in the cracks of the panes.  The severe weather warnings have been released.  I am happy to be indoors sitting in front of my computer screen, even if it is a forced exile from outside life due to having my wisdom teeth removed yesterday (thursday).  A soft, virtually liquid foods diet has been put upon me, and with it comes a re-evaluation of the place of food in my life.  Already I am craving normal foods and the freedom to decide what to eat for my dinner.  Pondering recipes, flicking through cookbooks, and researching what I can do with the ingredients in my fridge to make something delightful will have to go on hold for the next couple of weeks.  Instead, smoothies, soups, blended salads, stewed fruits, and mashed vegetables, will make up my daily repetoire of meals.  The dread of this has visited me sporadically through out the day, but it is soon followed by more optimistic thoughts of how I can enjoy and work with this temporary diet.

It has also made me realise how much I obsess over food and waste away hours browsing the internet wondering what to cook, or uncook.  Focus on food, be it reading about it, cooking it, eating it etc.,  is what I do when I’m bored, when I’m hungry, when I’m tired, when I’m avoiding studying, when I’m winding down after a busy day, when I’m too lazy to think of something else to do.  The list goes on.  Yes, food (particularly cooking it, reading about it, and learning about food and health) is my hobbie.  But at what point does a hobbie become more than that?  At what point does it become the demon, taking on the negative in your life?  This is what I’m trying to tackle and answer at the moment.  Any ideas?

Today’s breakfast was a treat and so simple.  Maybe a liquid-soft diet isn’t so bad after all…

mango yoghurt

Mango yoghurt (serves 1)

1 mango, chopped
1/2 a large banana, or one small one, chopped

Put the mango and banana into your blender and blend until smooth.  It will have a lovely thick consistency, and the banana gives it the creaminess that will take away all cravings you may have for dairy yoghurt.  I poured mine into a bowl and ate it with a spoon, but if you want it to be more drinkable add some water whilst blending until you’ve reached the consistency you want.


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