I know, I'm rubbish

I have two confessions to make:

1. I have been a poor vegan mofo blogger already by not posting frequently enough.
I don’t wish to make excuses but… after Stress took a welcome break from the life of Sarah, it has made a brief and premature visit this week.  As a result, my creative energy has been zapped, compounded by a lack of sleep.  I even skipped yoga last night (shock, I know but I’m going tonight instead).  I’ve been anxious about my new nursing placement, getting back into the swing of shift work, irregular and rushed meal times, and how it will all fit in with my newly found healthy vegan lifestyle and experimentations with raw food.  In addition, I have never done shift work without the aid of coffee, chocolate or sweets (which I am continuing to boycott; did I mention dark chocolate doesn’t count?!?).  Thankfully, these anxieties have been put to rest as I started on my ward yesterday and the staff are lovely.  However, during an entire shift I only have a 20-minute break; it was very strange eating my lunch at 10:30 yesterday.  If anything is going to test the high energy levels that raw foodists like to sing about, nursing on a heavy ward, with less-abled bodied, chronically ill patients most certainly will!

2.  I’ve ODed on hummus.
Yes, the final nail in the coffin occurred today at lunchtime.  It was  a late lunch, and I was starving so I just sat at my computer and mindlessly ate carrot sticks and hummus until the small-ish tub was empty.  Needless to say, I am stuffed and will have to find a new replacement for lunch.  Any ideas?  I’m trying to keep lunch as raw as possible (and now that I’ve gone off the cooked component of the meal I can now try to make it 100% raw).  All suggestions welcome, and very much needed!  Bare in mind, that lunch needs to be made without the use of machines (unless a tiny, rubbish mini-food processor can cope with the job).

Speaking of raw, I was feeling a little extravagant on Sunday and, seeing as I’m starting another nursing placement, I need something raw that I can grab quickly to supplement my fruits and salads.  So, I visited funkyraw.com‘s online shop and bought myself these:

raw frolics cut

(I bought the sushi nori today when collecting my raw food order- I missed the delivery to our flat.  I’ve never made sushi so that’ll be an interesting experience).  Since I don’t have a dehydrator, nor can I see me ever being abled to afford one or persuading the husband that it’s a good idea to buy one, I ordered dehydrated crackers (just in case you were wondering what they were…).

With haste I opened a packet and sampled the raw onion and vegan cheese bread variety first.  Hmmm, what to say about those few (or more) nibbles I had… an acquired taste has too many negative connotations.  The taste of the raw onion is a little over-powering at first, coupled with the tanginess of the vegan cheese.  Whilst I don’t think I can snack on these as they are, I am very excited to try them topped with avocado, tomato and lettuce.  I would have tried this today but the avocados aren’t ripe enough yet.  Below is a picture of a cracker upclose…

crackers for raw

As for the live supergreen flax crackers, I shall open them once I have finished the other ones; if I opened them both now I fear they will become unedible before I get to finish them.  I love that they’re raw; a well-timed order as the winter nights draw in, darkening our days…

One more thing before I go, does anyone know how to roast corn on the cob?  I’ve only ever prepared tinned sweetcorn (yes, a travesty) so ideas would be good. xxx


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