Raw Treats, Can it be?

Last weekend, needing a pick-me up and something small to look forward to whilst studying and returning to lectures I ordered myself these:

Charlie’s Raw Treats!

Charlie's raw treats 001

Charlie's raw treats 005

Since I hadn’t tried them before, I decided to play it safe and go for the raw chocolate brownies and, boy, am I glad I did!  They are yummy.  Honestly, who needs chocolate bars and stodgy, sugar-laden cakes when you can have these.  The rich taste of cacao (raw chocolate) is punctuated with a hint of star anise giving them a greater depth of flavour.  And they’re good for you!  There isn’t a single ingredient that your body would not thank you for.  Charlie also included a complementary Lemon Pocket which I’m looking forward to trying.  I’m returning to shift work shortly, so these will be great to pack in my lunch box to nibble on when I have a spare five minutes to fit in some nourishing and sustaining food.  Plus, I’m still saving to buy a food processor so until then I am without raw treats/snack bars, especially as larabars are no longer being sold in the UK.  (I do have a mini food processor which doesn’t even deserve the name “food processor”.  Honestly people, don’t bother with the mini versions; they’re a waste of space).  Anyway, here’s the website where you will find many other treats and cakes that Charlie makes to order, and can be delivered to anywhere in the UK.  Also, if you’re a blog addict like me, then you can check out her blog, Charlie Goes Raw.  Thank goodness the UK is slowly catching up with the raw foods movement that seems to be sweeping the US.

Right, it’s time for our daily installment of West Wing (we’re on season 4, for the fourth time) but I’ll be reviewing more delicious raw foods soon enough.  Oh, and did I mention that Charlie’s treats are vegan, organic, and free from gluten, wheat, dairy, and refined sugar.  Awesome.  Happy Vegan MoFo!


Since writing this I had the lemon pocket for breakfast and it was amazing (I could get used to that kind of breakfast!).   I think I may even prefer it to the brownie- it tastes really light and refreshing, and the lemon isn’t over-powering; perfect.


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