Feeling More Positive

Well hello there!

I am pleased to say that since my post on Sunday I am in a more positive state of mind and the stress has been ebbing away (if only my digestive symptoms would ease as quickly).  The reason for this change: I am being proactive.  I have cut lactose out of my life, and caffeine and sugar – minus 2 squares of dark chocolate yesterday and today), have been practising yoga, and researching nutritional therapy.  It’s amazing the wealth of information that is out there!  Of course, I have to put my academic hat on and thoroughly research the fors and againsts of each nutritional theory I come upon, as well as question the source. However, I am getting there and I feel hopeful.  I am missing my caffeine and sugar but I guess the cravings will diminsh over time.

Here’s what I’ve been particularly drawn to: the benefits of a vegan and raw food diet.  It’s fascinating.  It seems that gone are the days when people following these diets look malnourished.  For example, take a look at the clip of Ani Phyo:

Not only does she look healthy, but her philosophy on adopting a raw food diet is one of balance, and minimal stress.  In due course I am going to put together a brief summary of what I’ve learnt about the benefits of a raw food and a vegan diet in terms of peoples health.  For now, I am trying to integrate some of those principals into my daily life.   For example, I am trying to eat majority raw before 5pm then have a vegan, or lactose and gluten free meal in the evening.  Now, this need not mean that meals become boring, tasteless and uninspiring (check out Karina’s Kitchen for example).  Being gluten free already has unleashed my creativity in the kitchen, so my new dietary measures shall do the same!  Moreover, when you know that you are feeding your body with nutrionally dense foods that your body loves and welcomes then positive creativity can’t help but overflow into the meals…  Hopefully!

Check out tonight’s meal accompaniment (which was supposed to be for Mr C. but he’s now sick in bed so is unable to enjoy them).  All you need is new potatoes, cajun spice, and olive oil and you have something easy, tasty and vegan.  As an aside, whenever I mention veganism to Mr C. he automatically recoils in disgust.  However, when he does this I just gently remind him that the majority of the meals I cook (and that he delights in) are vegan.  Enough said maybe?



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