New and Improved?

Welcome to a newly renovated Sarah’s Soul Food!  I’ve been thinking that the name is a little cliched and has too narrow a focus.  I still love all things gluten-free but I don’t want that to define who I am or what I write about.  We are all more than one thing we love or one part of who we are.  Therefore, I have given the blog a new name “Sustaining Health Holistically”.  What being healthy means to one person can differ to another person.  However, being healthy does have a wider focus than our bodies and avoiding ill-health or maintaining a certain level of health.  I believe that in order to be healthy individuals we need to nurture every part of our beings – our psychology and spirituality (for me this is my Christian faith), our bodies, relationships and hobbies, and our intellectual or cerebral part of us.  These make up who we are and how we live (I don’t think I’ve left anything out of this list…).  So, the hope is that I will write about all of this and still include some favourite recipes I’ve made up or found that are allergen free, or gluten free at least.  Let me know what you think.



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