Phases in Life

Life runs by and before I know it I haven’t posted here for 3 weeks, nor have I created any amazing recipes to share.  So, no more promises I cannot keep.

I am very much a phase person (fickle, yes) and whilst I am still getting used to my course and all the demands it brings I have found time for a new phase.  Exercise.  Now, I know that exercise is supposed to be intergrated into one’s lifestyle thus making it more sustainable.  However, every day I am challenged to find balance.  Balance is something I am not very good at; everything in moderation etc.  I strive for balance and yet I feel the need to do things in extremes in order to make them eventually habitual and merged into a balanced life.  So, right now exercise is my thing.

Whilst exercise has briefly stolen my creativity in the kitchen, it has succeeded in making me appreciate the necessity of a balanced diet.  Most people have a very complex relationship with food, emotions and identity and I include myself in that.  However, exercise makes me marvel at what my body can do and encourages me to treat it well through the food I eat.  Without this sustenance and pleasure the body’s performance is hindered and it cannot function efficiently.  And whilst I am a phase person and a sometimes extremist, I do not do fad diets nor can I tolerate fad or extreme diets.  They are an awful feature of our post-modern society and people’s relationship with food and themselves would be better off without them.  I’m no scientist but every single certified (by the BDA) dietitian advocates the importance of a balanced diet.  (If you’re in doubt as to what this is check out the BDA eat well plate and Harvard’s healthy eating pyramid).  Ok, rant over.

I am not sure how this new phase of mine will effect my blog.  It will still be true to the title of ‘Sarah’s Soul Food’ as the soul needs to be nourished by a number of things, including exercise, food, hobbies, spirituality etc.  I will forever be gluten-free and doing high intensity exercise poses new challenges to my gluten-free diet; especially in terms of energy requirements.  However, I’m just not sure if there will be a new emphasis to the blog.  What do you think?


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