What led you to your food choices?

You may have noticed that I haven’t been gracing these wordpress pages for a while. Friends, I have been going slightly insane. Winter has been upon us so the S.A.D. has set in, I have been consumed with my new course, I have lost all sense of who I am, and have been putting silly amounts of pressure on myself. This is not healthy by anyone’s standards. However, with the dawn of the spring sunshine this week I feel that I am finally, and slowly, coming to my senses. This is as much detail as I wish to give. Suffice it to say, I shall make a concerted effort to grace these pages with foodie delights and ponderings more often.

This evening I have been thinking about what leads people to their food choices. For example, why become vegetarian as opposed to vegan? Why cut out dairy products unless you have a medical or food intolerance diagnosis? For us with coeliacs disease our food choices are not choices but a necessity for living, for health. However, some choose to cut out carbohydrates completely with the hope of managing weight or health problems. So, what food choices have you made and why?


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