The Elixir of Comfort Food


I am powerless when I am put before these delicately rich chocolates.  Tiredness, freezing weather conditions, and a hangover combined with my love of chocolate and all things sweet renders me weak and helpless when faced with them.  My hand to mouth mechanism divorces itself from my brain and I suddenly find myself with an empty chocolate box having just happily devoured the elixir.  This is what has happened today.  Fortunately these chocolates aren’t sold in Britain.  I have only ever seen them on our trips to Dublin, which is lucky for my waistline.

What’s your favourite comfort food in this weather?

For me, the first few months of the new year are characterised by comfort food cravings of  epic proportions.  Warming curries, nutritious soups, chocolate, and more chocolate.  This is the time of the year when my appetite takes on a new and monstrous form, which is great for my belly but is hard for my mind.  My passion (for food), mind and stomach are in almost constant conflict.  I have moments, and sometimes days, of panic when reflecting on the gluttonous eating that has ensued over the past month or so.  But then sanity returns briefly as I remember that this is natural for this time of the year- my body is wanting the insulation to keep me warm and energise me through the cold months before we are greeted by the gentle sunshine and beauty of spring, where the earth is reborn after the desolate winter season.

The human body is an amazing creation.  It nurtures our minds and works hard at maintaining that vital internal balance that keeps us well.  For us coeliacs, it has the power to heal itself after gluten has wreaked havoc on our systems, damaging it and hampering our physical and mental wellbeing.  So, today I would like to celebrate the body – its beauty, creativity, diversity, intelligence and power – in all its forms.


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