What a Merry Christmas it has been

Season’s Greetings!

This Christmas has been a decadent gluten-free affair.  Since I have decided to tackle my food intolerance issues in the new year, I have been gorging on all things yeast and dairy.  (This has been great, aside from the digestive upsets but we can ignore them for now).  I have been gorging on good red wine, turkey curries, rich chocolates, and strong, pungant cheeses.  All of this whilst enjoying the company of friends and family.  I hope that your Christmas has been as rich as mine.

Whilst all this has been going on, in the back of my mind I have been thinking about how this will affect “Sarah’s Soul Food”.  Will I still be able to create mouth-watering, tasty foods within the constraints of my food intolerances?  Or will I have to resort to food being functional rather than joyous?

Part of me is already devising ways in which I can avoid completely cutting out my additional food intolerances.  Not the healthiest preamble to my new diet.

Anyway, the highlights of my Christmas season have been:
The company of the people I love, the liberation of being on holiday thus not having to wake up with an alarm ringing in my ear ready for a relentless day at work, great food and wine, amazing chocolates, and generous gifts that I did not expect nor do I feel I deserve.  I would love to hear what your highlights have been?  Any culinary delights?



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