The Results Are In


That’s right, beautiful people, my york food intolerance test results have arrived.

After squeezing what felt like every drop of blood out of my left hand’s index finger so that a little sponge would soak it up.  After popping it in a tiny tube and feeling rather cynical about how such a small amount of blood can show any food intolerances.  After going out in the freezing cold to post it in our classic, british, red pillar boxes.  And, after arriving home from drinks with good friends and dinner with my lovely husband the results were there, sitting in our post box waiting to be opened.  This I did with unrestrained excitement (sad, I know) to find that the results weren’t exactly as expected.  Which goes to show that I cannot interpret and read my body as well as I thought.  However, it was nice to open an envelope of results that aren’t determined by my performance in artificial situations, such as examinations in a school hall.

My predicted food intolerances were:

  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Peanuts
  • Onion
  • Dairy
  • Caffeine

These were the results:

The foods I have to avoid without compromise are,

  • Chilli pepper (shame but I think I’ll manage)
  • Gluten (wasn’t expecting this to show up since I have to eat gluten free anyway)
  • Cows milk (not sure how I feel about this.  I’m happy to use soya milk in hot drinks and over breakfast cereal but not too sure about alternatives when baking)
  • Yeast (I haven’t quite got my head around what this will involve as there is some contradictory information out there as to whether this involves sugar, fruit juice and high glycemic index foods or purely yeast containing foods.  But, what is certain and devastating is that I have to cut out wine!  As well as tamari sauce, tofu, vinegar and products containing vinegar, marmite, cider, dried fruit, over-ripe fruits, grapes and mushrooms.  Oh, and I have to buy yeast-free stock).

Yeast will be the most difficult to cut out.  I’ve already spent periods of my life without dairy, and whilst I love cooking with chilli I know plenty of recipes without it.

The foods that I have to limit because I have a borderline reaction are,

  • Egg white
  • Hazelnut
  • Vanilla
  • Hops (contains gluten anyway)
  • Wheat (also contains gluten)

I’m not going to tackle my borderline reaction foods yet.  I think it is more prudent to focus on the foods that I have to cut out completely.  Yet, being realistic and kind to my mind, I am not going to cut out wine during the christmas period.  That would be setting myself up for one massive head dive into the ground.  Not good for ones psychological well being.  I will endeavour to cut out everything else.

Rest assured, fellow food followers, my foodie ways shall not cease.  My creativity, perseverance and commitment shall produce results that are not only edible but yummy.  Watch out, there could be some taste explosions still.  I hope.  With this new information should come increased energy levels and a clearer mind to produce good food to share, that will nourish our bodies and souls.

Wish me luck!  If you pray, please do.  If you send thoughts and breath, please do.  If you wish to join me on this journey, please do.  All are welcome.

Your newly enlightened gluten-free welsh girl


7th February: Amendment

I have come to the conclusion that my mental wellbeing is as important as my physical wellbeing.  Therefore, by cutting out all of my intolerances (i.e. dairy, chilli pepper, and yeast – including vinegar, marmite, wine, cider, stock (unless yeast free), citric acid, MSG, grapes, dried fruit, sake, miso, mushrooms, sweeteners, condiments containing vinegar) as well as my gluten allergy is too difficult.  Obviously I can never compromise when it comes to eating gluten but with the others, the pleasure I get from eating them in small to moderate amounts and occasionally is greater than the minor symptoms that may accompany their consumption.  Therefore, you will see recipes and posts which include these foods.  The York Test has enlightened me and I know what to do if my symptoms become worse and more often but I am weak.


8 thoughts on “The Results Are In

  1. Hey sarah, I hope you manage to avoid those foods without too much difficulty… I know that yeast is going to be very hard, but hopefully it will be worth it !

    Also remember that after a certain amount of time, you might be able to re-introduce some of these foods, in moderate quantities.

    Good luck !


  2. Thank you. I am a bit daunted by it. Have you got any tips? I’m still not sure of what exactly I need to avoid with the yeast intolerance…

    You have a great blog; there’s definitely not enough awareness about food intolerance and allergies.



  3. Hi it’s dad. Wow that’s a lot to cut out isn’t it. And remembering it all is going to be real fun unless you can carry a list like a donar card in your purse. Still, I suppose it’s a challenge to your creativity. While i think about it Nanna got more and more intolerant to certain foods the older she got. Or was she more and more aware of how certain foods had always given her a hard time but never did much about it before? From what I can remember it was tomatoes and citrus fruit. Perhaps we are all suffering from certain food intolerance but fail to interpret the ‘signs’ our bodies give, especially when we are younger.


  4. Hello! Great blog name “deaconos”. I do think that alot of people have some food intolerances without realising it. I guess some don’t know what “well” feels like until these sort of issues have been identified. For example, one of my friends has just been diagnosed with diabetes and now that it’s being treated she can’t believe how ill she felt before hand without realising. When I cut out gluten I felt so much better and it made me realise how eating gluten was draining me of energy as well as causing other problems. Who knows what damage you can cause in the long term by eating foods that our bodies struggle with. I think more people should be open to the issue of food intolerances. It will be a challenge but I’m going to embrace it whilst maintaining a certain amount of flexibility (when it comes to yeast foods at least).


  5. Hi Sarah, it must feel good just to know what your intollerant to! It will probably be hard at the beginning, but then again, you’ve got so much experience cutting out different food groups that you’ll manage! I hope this really helps you to fine-tune your diet!
    You’re my inspiration, I haven’t got around to schedule my doctor’s appt. yet to do the tests. I need a referral from my GP first, and I just hate wasting my time on going to the doctors’. But I will get to it after Christmas!


  6. Hi Kate,

    Thank you for your encouragement; I really appreciate it. I’m the same with the doctor- I put it off for as long as possible. But let me knowif you get anywhere.

    I still feel a bit overwhelmed by all that I have to exclude but I’m easing myself into the diet slowly and replacing different foods. It’s all about changing the way I think about food. I’ll get there. Just haven’t had any yummy recipes to post on here yet! xxx


  7. hi i too have had my result this week from york test, i am intolerant to all forms of eggs, god knows why i have always eaten eggs with no known side effects, but in saying that i dont know how i will feel cutting them out as i have never before cut them out so i dont know what changes this may bring. a huge shock, cashews and pork too, so bang goes the full english!!
    hope your learning new recipies,
    best wishes,


  8. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for your comment. Good luck with cutting your food intolerances out. I’ve struggled with mine to be honest. Obviously gluten is a no compromise for me (because of my coeliacs) but with the other intolerances i’m limiting them rather than cutting them out. Maybe if my symptoms were more severe then I would have more impetus to cut the foods out but my love of them is too strong! The way I see it is that at least if my symptoms do become worse then I know why and what I have to do to get well. Hope you’re more successful than me 🙂


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