The York Test Plunge


Friends, I have decided to splash out financially (despite our currrent credit-crunch climate) and take the York Test for food intolerances.  I’ve been putting it off for a long time because I don’t want to limit my food choices any further.  However, there’s only so much this gluten free welsh girl can take of feeling “under the weather”.  I have decided that health is more important and I will learn to live and cook more creatively through whatever the results show.  I’ve done it before when I first discovered my gluten allergy and I can do it again!   So, patient readers, I shall keep you updated.  I should get the results in time for Christmas, and with the results I hope come more food delights, health-full living and increased energy.


3 thoughts on “The York Test Plunge

  1. Hi Sarah, please post about the results, I’m really curious! I’m sure it will be a huge relieve for you to finally know of all our allergens. This is too funny but yesterday, prior to reading your blog, I was actually thinking myself that I should really find a doctor who’d do an allergy blood test :-). Take care! Kate (aka Zara)


  2. I will definitely post the results. I’m quite excited to be honest as I’m hoping that it will get rid of some symptoms that I currently blame on IBS. Let me know if you end up getting any allergy testing done. I don’t know if there’s an equivalent to the york test with you in the Czech Republic?


    PS thank you so much for checking out my blog and posting comments. 🙂


  3. I don’t think such test exists here, at least not a home version. But I did read on the internet that people had similar blood tests done at the doctor’s office. I just have to find a good doctor. My GP is good but I don’t think she’s knowledgeable in the testing area, at least not the ones for food allergies. I’m just very impatient and wish I could do the test asap, while at the doctor’s it might take at least a month before I could get an appt., if not more.

    I also decide to give GF another shot and do it the proper way, not just low wheat/whatever. You inspired me :-).

    P.S. I always want to read a good blog when I see one!


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