Gluten-free Blues and Alternative Eating

Dear Reader,

Today your gluten-free welsh lady is feeling down.  Gluten free eating is feeling more of a hinerdance than a blessing and a path to wellness.  It’s a Friday night and for the third time this week I am watching my loved one eat, what looks like, a delicious chinese take away.  For those who are wondering why this is problematic for us gluten-free babes, it is primarily because soy sauce contains wheat and is used in almost all chinese dishes.  And, if it’s not used there is still the highly probable risk of cross contamination.

In addition, there has not been much by the way of culinary delights in our home this week.  I have had a rather angry stomach due to too great a dairy and sugar consumption for this sensitive body.  My system has been rebelling which has left me languishing on the sofa instead of grooving in the kitchen.  This in turn has led to food malaise.  I feel disillusioned and down.  Part of my dealing with eating gluten free is creating glorious recipes that give pleasure to those I love, which I haven’t been able to do this week.  This has left me feeling down and my taste buds are slowly forgetting such delights.  There’s only so much one can take of peanut butter and rice cakes or corn cakes!

In order to re-awaken my hidden self once again I am borrowing a recipe from Karina’s Kitchen – “Roasted Vegetables in a Nest”. This I am hoping will be kind to my stomach whilst carressing my soul and providing sollace.  This gluten free goddess has provided much help, inspiration and comfort to those who have to eat alternatively and I’m hoping she will do the same for me.

Btw, I like the term “alternative eating” for those of us who cannot eat certain foods as it provides a positive spin on food intolerances and allergies.

Happy weekend friends!

PS Here are some handy hints for warding off or getting through the blues of alternative eating:

1.  Embrace what you can eat.

2.  Keep an open mind when it comes to trying new foods- be adventurous and brave!

3.  Learn to cook and learn to love cooking.  There’s such pleasure in cooking dishes that are suitable for us sensitive souls and for those who can eat anything.  Seeing and hearing the joy that results from something you made, even it is using someone else’s recipe, is so satisfying and uplifting.  And it can highlight to others that food intolerances and allergies need not limit what our taste buds can experience (even if it feels like it sometimes!).

4.  Be creative and learn to substitute ingredients for others.

5.  Use the masses of resources available on the internet and in books.  I have mentioned some of my favourite gluten free blogs already and will shortly provide you with some more of my faves.

6.  Change your way of thinking.  Embrace food as something that can heal and nourish your body rather than something that will make you fat or will cause pain, discomfort, or problems.  See it as something that can nurture your body, mind and soul.

7.  Finally, share the fruits of your cooking and your alternative eating discoveries with those you love.


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