My Sunday Saga

Part 1: The Dairy Dilemna

My Sunday, the day of rest, got off to a shakey start this morning.  I was prematurely awoken from my slumbers by my sleepy husband, not once, but twice.  On the first occasion, it was by the switching on of the light outside our room and him failing to close the door to our living area (which is right next door to our bedroom) whilst watching the TV.  On the second occasion, it was by him clunking around the kitchen (which shares the same room as the living room) banging cupboards, noisily moving items of kitchenware – don’t ask – in order to make himself toast.  I don’t know about you but on the weekends, when we are not setting out early on a Saturday morning to visit friends across the country or struggling to arrive at our Sunday morning church service, I like to lie in bed for as long as possible and allow my body and mind to naturally awaken to the new day.  I don’t mind if this means I am not fully with the world until the afternoon; as my entire being breathes that this is what is neccesary.  On at least one day a week.  Ideally.  In all honesty, I think being woken up by a mechanical object is the most unnatural start to the day regardless of what day it is.  Surely that’s what body rhythms are for?

I am digressing.

The other reason for my Sunday beginning badly was that I woke up with a head full of thick, heavy fog and my sinuses stuffy and pounding.  This I suspect was due to my having dairy products in the form of vanilla ice cream (haagen daz, yum), chocolate and cappucinos for 4 days in a row.  For those food intolerance skeptics who may be reading; this, my friend, is not the onset of a cold.  For some people it may be; but for my sensitive system it is a sign of imbalance.  This, coupled with digestive issues, is my body telling me that I am abusing it and preventing it from functioning fully.  At least once a week I vow that I am going to dismiss dairy from my life forever as I know it is the cause of many problems.  However, I struggle to cut off my love affair with chocolate, cheese and milk in my coffee.  Sadly, on a day to day level, it is the milk in my coffee that really prevents me.  Like most working in an office, I need that caffeine boost to get me through the morning and I am not organised enough to bring freshly ground coffee into work so that I can drink it black.  Instead, I am stuck with the awful freeze-dried stuff (and “stuff” it is; I’m not sure that it is even deserving of the name “coffee”).  Thus, day in and day out I consume the harmful gift from cows and in doing so slowly grind away at my insides.  Looking at these cold words written in front of me on the screen makes me wonder why I am having such a problem with giving the white stuff up when, essentially, I what it does to me.  However, I am good at convincing myself every day that it doesn’t really cause me problems.  Henceforth, any suggestions on how I can tackle this habitual dairy consumption will be gratefully received.  In fact, for those of you have given up dairy as well as gluten, please, please share your experiences with this.

Since writing the above paragraph, I have stepped away from my computer with my mind still pondering this dairy dilemna of mine.  My meditation on this has led me to conclude that part of the problem is that I have not found a good, gluten-free substitute for cheese and milk.  I love dark chocolate so that’s ok and, if desperate, alpro soya do some great dairy-free chocolate desserts.  However, soya milk curdles in coffee, does not taste good in tea, and there seems to be much debate about health and soya consumption for coeliacs.  So, I am left with rice milks most of which have gluten in.  I have heard nut milks being recommended but I am yet to find any here in the UK.  The only dairy alternatives I have found are rice, soya and oat based.  All have their problems.  Once again, if anyone can help me heal my system and give up dairy please post your comments.

On a more positive food note…

Part 2: My Roasting Adventure

Today I am embarking on the relatively unknown and roasting a chicken.  I say relatively because I am more than familiar with the taste of a Sunday roast as it is a long standing tradition in my parent’s home to have a roast every Sunday.  This tradition is almost as deeply held as my parent’s attendance at church every Sunday morning.  Granted my dad is the parish vicar so he has to be there but, my mum is also there and they would continue to be there even if dad wasn’t ordained.  Anyway, in all of my 26 years on this planet I have only once before roasted a chicken.  In light of this inexperience, and with the knowledge of my limitations, I have humbly called upon one of my favourite food websites,, to let them guide me through this process.  So, I am using the aptly named “foolproof slow roast chicken” recipe which can be found here.


It is almost a month later and I have just realised that I have not shared what a delight this dish was!  My enterprise into the unfamiliar reservoir of roasting was wonderful!  The memory of Tom’s joy is still fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday.  I even made a light and zesty gluten free gravy to accompany it.  Tom and I happily sat and ate it whilst the Grand Prix was on television.  I think Tom briefly made a visit to his heaven.  Here it is:



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