By the way…

Food.  Another blog about food for fellow gluten free eaters.  Sure, but one difference is that this one is written from the UK so uses UK measurements and ingredients.  However, that’s not the reason I decided to jump on this band wagon.  For starters; I love food.  And, like many, since having to go strictly gluten free I’ve had to be more creative in the kitchen.  I’ve recently bought myself (with the help of a generous Mr C) a new laptop and need to put it to good use.  I’ve always daydreamed about embarking on a life as a writer, whiling away hours being creative, giving the world something back, reaching people with the written word.  As one who lacks the talent and the discipline to become a writer this is the next best thing.

By the way, I’m planning on changing the photo in the header, as soon as I figure out how, to one that is more appropriate.


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